Becoming a Member of the Wild Mountain Ski Patrol

The Wild Mountain Ski Patrol is a member of the National Ski Patrol system, and is an all volunteer patrol. There is a commitment of time, effort, and money to participate, particularly in the first year.  

Training to become a member of the Wild Mountain Ski Patrol begins in Mid-June with CPR, ICS-100 & Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) which is the National Ski Patrol Systems First Aid program that is tailored specifically for Ski Patrollers and other first responders in the outdoor recreation industry. The OEC class runs from Early-July until late October, meeting approximately 3-4 times per month during that time period.

After completing the OEC class, training in Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET) begins on the ski hill in early December and runs through late February. OET training occurs weekly (Saturdays) and focuses on Ski/Snowboard skills along with toboggan handling and other skills like Chair Lift Evacuation. Upon successful completion of both the OEC and OET courses an individual is classified as a Alpine Patroller and is able to perform first aid and transport injured patients off the hill.

Becoming a member of the Wild Mountain Ski Patrol starts by submitting your contact information below to learn more about the benefits and requirements of being a member on the patrol. There is no commitment to join and we are happy to answer any questions you might have after reviewing the provided information. Individuals who are interested after reviewing the information are then asked to complete an application and participate in a Ski/Snowboard Skills assessment. Ski/Snowboard Skill assessments are conducted in Mid-January and early February and are a requirement to be considered for a spot in the OEC class the following summer.  Applicants must be 15 years of age (or turning 15 by December 31st) and must exhibit strong intermediate to advanced ski or snowboard skills.  
Invitations to join the OEC class are sent to qualified candidates in Mid-March.

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